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    Gallery of images from the New Worlds gallery on my website,
Here's a kind of experimental shot where I made a kind of ghost version of myself, defined by the light flooding through the window and also little motes of dust. The hallway was shot in Berlin, it had a really nice haunted feel to it.

There is a larger version on my site, where you can get a better feel for the detail which you can see here.
The Galaxies  /

Here's a new picture from my occasional strange Sci-Fi set of images, there's a larger version here where you can see better detail,

Thanks to ESA and NASA, the source of the public domain images whihc I used to build the galaxy montage.

More of this type of work in this gallery here,
Walking 2  /
Check out the bigger version on my site here
See bigger here.

See bigger here
New composite image, made from images from 6 counties,  larger version here,
Book cover commission,  see larger version right here.
Falling Man