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    MCOT Corporate Identity
MCOT Corporate Identity
This is a project from my design class. To recreate MCOT identity, more focusing on news and higher technology they have got.

"In November 2002, the characteristic of MCOT Television Station was reformed under a theme of “Modernine TV”. Under this reform, many TV broadcast programs were rearranged to place emphasis on various news programs and edutainment programs. The broadcasting patterns have also been modernized by applying the most-recent technologies to the broadcasting of programs in manner of “Integrated Media Program”. The quality of all television programs has been gradually improved under a theme of ‘Knowledge-based Society’. This theme has been changed from time to time."
Researching a word-list to suit this company, I have finally picked few words to be key words:

My reasons for those words, now I have to focus on news. The word "Headlines" which means important news, "Polished" has three different ways of its meaning like normally, shining or glossy, also excellent, and respectful as well. I think all these properties are appropriate with this modern company. I chose the word "Quotation" because it can match with the "Headlines". Sometimes we use the quotation mark to emphasize words or speech which means this company highlights the important news and speak out to the people.
For the design of the logo, I use the end of the quotation mark because it can be seen as number nine (MCOT Television is no. 9) and communicate that the company is concluding essential news for you.
T H A N K  Y O U