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    JUO - Building Interior Design Studio.
JUO - Exterior + Interior Design Studio.
Brand Development
JUO was born from the amalgamation of two individuals: Kerry and SImon Jacobs. Each partner specialising in their own architectural discipline—Building design and Interior design. 
The first challenge was coming up with a name for the new business. Something that has a sense of personality and communicates the discipline each partner specialises in. Kerry and Simon also wanted to hone in on the strong client and studio working relationship. The formula to generating names is never easy but in this scenario we came up with this: Jacobs+Duo=JUO

The design direction is a matrimony of a subdued palette, an art direction with personality-playing on the DUO theme and an execution that pushes the boundary. There's plenty more to this journey, but we're building it one storey at a time...

Brandname: Enrico Bettesworth, Nik Gall and Simon Elliott
Designers: Enrico Bettesworth and Nik Gall
Creative Direction: Nik Gall