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    A typographic experimental book about the creative process using the Pulp Fiction script.
Pulp Fiction Chapter 1: Prologue
An experimental-typographic-process-book

I also asked a few of my friends to contribute by giving them either a piece of dialogue or a sentence to illustrate. The result is a book containing experiments, raw uncensored typesetting & a lot of fun accidents. Thanks to Stéphanie Aubin, Marie-Êve Guidi, Gabriel Jasmin, Simon L'Archevêque & Julie Nguyen.

The book was reproduced in twelve copies which were sold and exposed at PUBLIÉ/AUTOPUBLIÉ's first edition at Gallery Yves Laroche.
Fun fact #1: I actually went to my local McDonald's to ask for some burger wrapping paper. Each book had a different wrapper. Of course, this was a reference to the dialogue in the movie. The girl thought I was a crazy art student. Not far off.
Fun fact #2: There was a problem with my document when I printed a proof. All the text on this spread was corrupted. First, I thought I had to change it. Then, I thought it didn't look too bad and was visually interesting. Adaptive designing, a skill that every student develops!
A white on black screen printed insert based on the tones used during that awesome exchange between Vincent and Jules on foot massages.