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    A handmade chest filled with imaginary remedies for all problems.
Ahmah's Box
A GCE 'A'-Level Final Project
This artwork is based on my imagination of my grandmother, as a gardener who grows whimsical herbs that can treat all of her problems, be it physical aches or emotional stress.

It is a box filled with hand crafted tools and packets, with an illustrated garden journal on the inside.

Every item has a special, imaginative story behind it,
Prep Board 1: Investigation of physical signs of aging through illustrations of her burdens, studies of her medicine box and skin.

Photographs from her youth and illustrations of my memories as a child.
---Rest of the Prep Boards in my next project
Items in the first level drawers
Left compartments:Anian seeds, 'see-d juice' spectacles, dropper and lens,
Right compartments:Mushvrooooms in petri dishes, Geneseng & Essence of Presence, Metal ginger extract
The functions and inspiration for each item will be explained and photographed in further detail in my next project (Prep Boards)
Carol Ann Duffy's : Onion

relating this project to an Onion, with many layers of tear inducing memories
Charcoal on tracing paper, with transparency over it.
a rainy day window, clipped inside the book
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