Design changing the "simple" into "simply amazing"
A small example of  the exploits of design and marketing
Many times a simple design is the best design. 

-Good design communicates.
-Good design precipitates action.
-Good design fits within budget guidelines.

The past week was nurses appreciation week and a social service department at a nursing and rehabilitation facility wanted something  to show their nurses how much they appreciate them. They had a very limited budget but wanted to do something special and came to me.

This simple design was easily prepared and printed and the social workers could efficiently execute the finished product themselves. This idea takes an inexpensive item and with well thought out tag lines and personalization it effectively conveys the message of appreciation. The product itself, a simple soda, takes the backseat to the actual message being conveyed. And that message is the real value of the gift. The message that someone actually put effort and care into choosing this gift specifically for me and a pretty cool gift as well. The nurses really enjoyed them and everyone in all departments were talking about the gifts and with all that talk the actual tag lines were verbalized over and over again repeating the message of appreciation all throughout the day.