Theme Amusement Park & Resort
Development Proposal for Ambazari Lake & Garden @ Nagpur, India.
The Development Proposal aims at taking ahead the image of the Ambazari Lake & Garden as a center for Entertainment and Recreation for the people of Nagpur into the next level of Theming and Adventure . The concept lined through the extent of the project is in the accommodation of these new facilities without having to substantially cut down on the "Green Space". The Design of the Cottages seen below is an important example of the facilities have been camouflaged in the form of roof gardens and tree houses. The development scheme is ambitious in a way that it creates a world in itself setting up a series of facilities such as the Amusement Park, Resort, Urban Haat, Meditation Hall & Spa, Banquet Hall. Each of these facilities target a fixed set of clientele thereby eventually creating a greater thrust of attraction towards the facility inturn providing the developer sustainance of funds to continue maintaining the facility.