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Natto is socially committed to less privileged people, perhaps with disabilities or are economically disadvantaged; providing them access to decently designed houses within which they may enjoy the benefits of technology. It's as simple as a click.
We are generating the first Sensitive Houses that allow the user (via Kinect technology), to monitor and interact with the house using gestures and voice commands. Also the Domotic technology allows the user to control various aspects of the module through an app on their mobile phone.
The house concept has been reformulated as a product which is purchasable online, customisable, and is ready to occupy. It is also possible to transport it with you to your next destination (Mobile Homes Concept). There would be energy terminals all around the world with vacant lots, so people can “park” their houses anywhere they want with the new concept of Plug & Live.
Natto seeks to generate a new sustainable way of life for the present generations, alleviating worries regarding their future today, whilst also breaking the old structures and current concepts of housing.
Barcelona, Spain
Contest Selection
Selected by Yuzz and Banesto Foundation for a
7 months Entrepreneur program for Ideas with Technological Innovation