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Quake! : Unexpected Patterns
Quake!: Unexpected Patterns
An exhibition by members of the ArtCloth Network
This exhibition was juried by Miriam Nathan-Roberts in 2009

Juror's Statement

Unexpected Patterns: Quake! explores a variety of interpretations on cloth. This
theme was interpreted widely, but most entrants focused on an abrupt change of
some sort. The major differences in thought seemed to be the focus on either the
destructive nature of change or the transformative growth after change. Entrants
explored these concepts in a context of literal meaning, as in Seismic Waves or
Richter, as well as socially, politically, and metaphorically. Ingenuity was evident in
the ways participants improvised alterations to the cloth.

Visitors to the gallery have an opportunity to consider how individuals, all with the
starting point of white cloth and the word “Quake,” can develop a multiplicity of
concepts and images. The exhibit also highlights how the versatility and beauty of
cloth, combined with an infinite number of ways to alter it, has expressive power as
an artistic medium. Mastery of the medium and artistic vision shown in Katherine
Sylvan’s Before and After are exemplary of textile arts at their finest
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Rayna Gillman
Upheaval, detail
Rayna Gillman
 Collision, detail
 Untitled - Red
Sue Copeland Jones
 Untitled - Red, detail
 Entering Consciousness
Lisa Kerpoe
 Entering Consciousness, detail
 Fractures 1
Judy Langille
 Fractures 1, detail
 Fractures 3
Judy Langille
 Fractures 3, detail
Mary-Ellen Latino
 Metamorphosis, detail
 Moving Outside the Box
Joy Nebo Lavrencik
 Moving Outside the Box, detail
 Richter, detail
 Spiral #2 - Tremor
Russ Little
 Spiral #2 - Tremor, detail
 After Effects- Variation 1
Barbara Schneider
 After Effects - Variation 1, detail
 Golden Veins - Variation 2
Barbara Schneider
 Golden Veins - Variation 2, detail
 Before . . .
Wrenn Slocum
 Before . . ., detail
 Celtic Chaos
Bev Snow
 Celtic Chaos, detail
 Before, detail
 After, detail
 Seismic Waves
Maggie Weiss
 Seismic Waves, detail
Quake! : Unexpected Patterns
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Quake! : Unexpected Patterns

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