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    Textile Art
24 x 80
An exhibition by members of the ArtCloth Network
This exhibition of artcloth is defined by the finished size of the piece, juried by Els van Baarle in 2010.
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 Fission, detail
 1920 Square Inches, Janet Hadingham
 1920 Square Inches, detail
 Garden Cycle: Asparagus, Sue Copeland Jones
 Garden Cycle: Asparagus, detail
 This Moment, Lisa Kerpoe
 This Moment, detail
 Bebob, detail
 Second Shift, Dianne Koppisch Hricko
 Second Shift, detail
 Scroll I, Judy Langille
 Scroll I, detail
 Scroll II, Judy Langille
 Scroll II, detail
 Urban Jungle Dialog I, Mary-Ellen Latino
 Urban Jungle Dialog I, detail
 Nature, Russ Little
 Nature, detail
 Hummers, Susie Monday
 Hummers, detail
 Stripes and Dots, Katherine Sylvan
 Stripes and Dots, detail
 River Sunset, Connie Tiegel
 River Sunset, detail