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    Textile Art
Beyond the Line
An exhibition by members of the ArtCloth Network
 Origins, detail
 Crossing the Line, Lisa Kerpoe
 Crossing the Line, detail
 Between the Lines, Lisa Kerpoe
 Between the Lines, detail
 Bubble Line, Judy Langille
 Bubble Line, detail
 Deep Sea, Mary-Ellen Latino
 Deep Sea, detail
 Sedona #1, Russ Little
 Sedona #1, detail
 No Diving, Barbara Schneider
 No Diving, detail
 Fall Out, Peggy Sexton
 Fall Out, detail
 Duality, Jeanne Sisson
 Duality, detail view
 The Machine Gun Nests of War, Priscilla J. Smith
 The Machine Gun Nests of War, detail
 Beyond the Line, Katherine Sylvan
 Beyond the Line, detail
 Searching, Connie Tiegel
Searching, detail
 Harem, Deborah Weir
Harem, detail