This is a project created for WWF and the Swedish fishermen's  Federation,
and it  deals with  the fact that Swedish food fish is caught in the North atlantic ocean, but sent around the world to be cut and packaged as cheaply as possible. This is unknown to most  Swedes when the fish in the end only needs  to  be labeled with where it was caught,  causing  many to buy fish
they think are locally produced, when in fact it went for a longer vacation than you did.
Most of this fish is sent to Asia, and in the end, 
when it is placed on a plate, it went  around the world more than once.
The concept consists of postcards to be sent between individuals. 
These postcards have a Swedish cod as the sender on the back,and
tells the story of the fish's journey from itsown point of view.          
As if he was sent on a very strange holiday, against his will.