El Portillo 2010

El Portillo is a hamburger café in the Javalambre ski station in Teruel (Spain).

When we received the proposal from the Group Aramón, we didn’t hesitate. It was the perfect project for us: a ski station, in the middle of nature, a wooden cabin in a landscape completely covered by snow…..perfect!

The initial idea was to create an interior and exterior that would harmoniously co-exist and complement each other, and in this way we take as much advantage as possible of the cabin. Given that it would only operate in the winter, and taking into account the constant presence of snow, the first idea was that the cabin should form part of the landscape. This is why it was decided to paint the whole of the outside of the cabin in black, so that it would contrast dramatically with the snow, at the same time, form part of it.

Once this idea was clear it was decided that, to obtain the desired effect, it must be brought to life, which immediately brought to mind the idea of a collaboration with the graphic artist Pepa Prieto (www.pepaprieto.com).