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    We have taken part in the Enjoy! () Energy Project from Muji which gathers 50 different ideas from designers all over the world to safe energy.
Muji Enjoy! () Energy

The March 11 earthquake and tsunami caused great loss of life, devastated the lives of survivors, and affected everyone in the area. The damaged power plants are still a constant concern throughout Japan, and there will be less electric power than usual available this year. That is unavoidable, but rather than resigning ourselves to pessimistically accepting the situation, we believe that this is an opportunity for Japan to turn itself into a smart energy nation.

To translate this belief into action, MUJI approached a number of designers around the world and asked them to provide a design idea as an expression of support for Japan. Each designer was asked to draw his or her idea for energy in daily life within an “Enjoy! ( ) Energy.” framework, and describe it in terms that fit within the parentheses.

Ideas that inspire people or bring a smile to their faces will contribute to making the mood in Japan that little bit brighter. Each idea provided for this project is also a testimony to the creator’s concern and sympathy for fellow human beings.

Here we show you our ideas, and if you want to know more about this project and see the rest of ideas, here is the link to the project: http://www.muji.net/lab/energy/en/