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R E A N I M A T E   M A G A Z I N E
Client - Future Publishing
This magazine was the culmination of a desire to promote and highlight previously released films. It was a celebration of classic films, rather than concentrating on newer (and often instantly forgettable) titles.

This was a product aimed at a younger market, who, research suggested, wanted a product that was exciting and informative. The target audience was one that didn't mind content that was near the mark. They were not put off by swearing, elements of violence and explicit imagery.

So the tone of voice became much more edgy and provocative while still maintaining a high level of both visual and written content.

This is Reanimate...

'Pain is temporary, film is forever'
W E B   D E S I G N

The website was designed to be a total experiential product. With membership, forums, shops, a blog and full access to the Reanimate E-magazine and all its past issues.

The whole point of the website wasn't just to promote the magazine but to build a whole environment for film fans to come together. It was about uniting communities.