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    A supposed-to-be viral video for an ad campaign we made for an inter-section competition during our 3rd year in college.
Little Things Matter
An Advertising Campaign
During my 3rd year in college, our group joined an inter-section advertising competition (we were 5) and were asked to make a fresh ad campaign for an existing brand (Coffeemate). 

A big gratitude to Castor & Pollux, and my groupmates Alexa Remalante, Taina Uy, Jay Santos & Joseph Azagra, for the sleepless nights wherein we learned so much in so little time.  
TV Commercial 01

"Monkey Bars"
TV Commercial 02

Print Ad 01
Print Ad 02
Print Ad 03
Print Ad 04
proposed look of the brand's website
After we made all of the creative materials, we suddenly thought of making a short video that will summarize the main idea of our ad campaign.

*Sadly, the raw files when I made this video is already lost. I finished doing this video hours before the actual presentation. And at that time, I was only able to export a low quality video. This is the video posted below. I'm still aiming to make a better version of this someday.