Snowboard Design
What a wild ride
The following is a collection of snowboards I have designed. I must first say that I no longer own the rights to these designs. Back in 2011, EA Sports had a call for artists from the development team working on their game SSX, which was released early 2012, and submitting these designs relinquished my rights to use them. Unless otherwise specified, all of these made it into the game, and some were even recolored and placed in the game a second time. You should check it out.  Snowboard design turned out to be a blast for me, and has become a hidden passion. Snowboards are a substrate that I hadn't commonly designed for, but once I started I couldn't stop. I found that you can put almost anything on a snowboard, so expect this one to be updated periodically.

The template used to display these boards was provided by EA Sports.
Two top sheets I designed for a contest held by Burton Snowboards and I unfortunately did not win, but I sure do enjoy the board designs I got out of it.
Ascend (Not in game)
Grace's Veins
It Ain't Easy Bein' Me
Strawberry Banana
Black, White, and Lines All Over
Forest for the Trees
Take Me Home Tonight
Walk the Planks
Green Gradients
Half Broken
Ain't No Picnic
Mountain Blue
This One is Purple
Rule the Rock (Not in game)
Simeon (Not in game)
Nice Day for a White Wooding (Not in game)
With a Touch of Green
Welcome Back Mr. Wachowski