Manila by Train
A travel guide to the city and its underrated beauty
Manila by Train was my thesis on my graduating year in college. The idea behind the project was my belief that Manila is not only about heavy traffic, dirty air, and pickpockets. It has a unique kind of beauty that is unpopular to many. To show make these known, I decided to use the city's transit train (the LRT 1), as the travel guide's pathway. In each train station, various subjects are featured visually, specifically through photographs. These and all are compiled in a travel guide together with its own advertising campaign, makes up my thesis.

The project was really tough to finish. My thesis was an individual effort, which meant that I did everything from researching all of the interesting subjects in the metropolis, shooting the photographs (20 train stations), post-processing it, putting it together in the travel guide, and conceptualizing the ad campaign.

Included are some excerpts from the travel guide and the actual ads.

*all photos were shot in Manila, Philippines
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Teaser Ad 01
Teaser Ad 02
Sustaining Ad 01
Sustaining Ad 02
Sustaining Ad 03
LRT 1 Cards
LRT1 Card (back)
LRT1 Cards
Promotional Ad 01
Promotional Ad 02
Book-launching event teaser ad
Book-launching event ad
Testimonial Ad - Carlos Celdran
YoCard 01
"Port of Manila"
Front & Back
YoCard 02
"Plaza Miranda"
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"Manila Zoo"
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