Othonos stoa house
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    photos by erieta attali
Othonos stoa house
The house is located near downtown of Kifisia. Is anarea with low density and it is consisted mostly of neoclassical villas of theearly beginning of the 20th century. The two-storey residences disappear behindthe dense vegetation that prevails.
The displacement of the house was defined by an effortto conserve the big old trees.
The new building is simple in the geometry of itsvolume, so that it completed by the elements of the environment - the oldvillas and gardens.
From the entrance, the house shows up like a groundfloor archway in symmetry with the listed building. As one moves towards thehouse he realizes its actual size while the three levels appear together withthe underground floor. The triangular columns gradually get higher, with fixed proportions.
A correction of distortion applied on the view fromthe point A, so that the house appears to be a rectangular façade with 8columns in φ proportions.
As a sequence of the correction, a diagonal plane onthe top intersects the box shape building. The subtraction from the roofcreates an open-air veranda on the 1 level, closed across theentrance in order to shelter the bedrooms from the busy street of the museumopposite.
The space between the building and the west edge ofthe plot is transformed to a sheltered patio - continuity of the indoor groundfloor, especially during the summer.