the frequent travels of a NYC Mexican
Sketch books are meant to be shared, not forgotten-therefore I'm glad to share with you all this collection.

As a New York City Mexican, traveling from point "A" to point "B", I carried a sketch book EVERYWHERE.
I often played a creative version of "Time Attack"...a race to capture a personality within "their" alotted time frame. Their pose would last until they decided to exit the subway car...which meant anywhere between mere seconds to minutes.

From time to time, I would forget my "Sakura sumi brush pen", my preferred weapon of choice, and would resort to ball point pens, uniball pens, and oil this collection there's only 1 pencil drawing.
Why only 1 pencil?
Because I hate erasing, and would rather try to make my "mistakes" work in my favor. It's my golden rule.

Like I said , 78 grab your favorite beverage, a snack and enjoy my collection of New York City subway sketches.

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