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    Lunartik & Chums Art Pass™ Series 4
Lunartik & Chums Art Pass™
Art pass Series 4
I am super pleased to announce that Art Pass Series 4 is now available from the Lunartik Shop.
I’ve had a lot of fun working with all 10 amazing talented artists on this project.

It’s taken quite a lot of e-mailing back and forth to get this set organised, but I think it’s the most diverse set of passes to date. To show support of all the artists involved, each has 30 AP versions, so if you’re wanting signed copies please pick them up from the artist websites direct.

Artists Involved:
Chu, Dave the Chimp, deadlemming, KozyNDan, Mr. Scruff, Niels de Jong, Sixxa
Sarah Anne Langton & Den Patrick, Suckadelic, Triclops
Cheers,Matt JOnes