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    A little boy, who is lost meets Bigfoot and fights Neptune.
I wanted to take a swing at making a hand made mini-comic since I hadn't had the time or compulsion for a while. So last christmas I spent a couple hours and made this story about a lost boy and a Big-foot  fighting Neptune. The pages are drawn in ink with brush on bristol and the cover is cardboard from the back of the bristol pad and I sewed the whole thing with dental floss and bound it with tacky electrician's tape.
Anyway I hope you enjoy it!
Though you can't see it here the little owl door opens up!
a little boy, lost in a cave, finds a doorway.
to a strange world.
He meets Bigfoott, who leads him into the center of the earth.
The earth is made of giant roots. There Neptune swims in the planet's black watery core.
The reason the top image in these two pages are the same is because the bottom of the page folded out so that the page where Big-foot leads the boy into the earth folds out into the Neptune page. hmmm, that's a little confusing I guess. It's awesome in real life though, I promise.
Neptune wants to eat the little boy, but Big-foot had a spear to protect him.

But it's at the cost of his own light. A wise owl hatches from dead Big-foot.
and takes the boy home. selah...

I'm selling copies of these for 5 dollars, shipping is free.
Just shoot me a message: