Graphic Art
An assortment of Graphic Design, Layouts, 3D Modeling, Logos, etc...
I have spent years dabbling in this field of Graphic Arts in both professional and hobbyist realms.  I have a grasp on the applications and creativity to achieve whatever comes to mind.  I also have the ability to take into consideration all demands from a potential client and translating into a quality product.
Two-page spread in a custom photo album offered by my employer.  (2pgs of 20)
Animated graphics.  Graphics created in Adobe Photoshop.  Edited in Final Cut Pro.

Logo design for a local graduating class.
10x20" collage for a client.
Burning film.  Edited with Final Cut Pro.
P-Hed Ideations animated logo.  Photoshop, Illustrator, and Final Cut Pro.