Our company was in a real pickle. We wanted to engage customers at a deeper level, but we were seen as a boutique agency not capable of playing on a larger stage. Originally Wolfmotell, we decided to make a huge leap by changing our name to reflect an ever-changing state of technology and the world. Our new story called “the ecology of preference” reflected not execution, but bonding to customer’s emotions, which in turn drives strategy and creative. Also, we didn’t turn our back to our technology roots, but embraced it and shouted it from the mountain top. This position and system elevated our stature and has since got us several new projects. The buzz is still continuing and new initiatives are being developed to extend our brand.
Web site home page updates regularly with modules that echo what is happening at any given time.
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Identity system detail. Note: the color in the letter "a" of Climate changes throughout the system. Even changes on the web site based on whoever posts the latest post on our Truth & Robots blog. 
Our office contains secondary graphic system that plays off real charts and graphs. This echoes the focus on researching the audience and business landscape before digging in to creative.