The "Ice Cream" Hijab
Digital print on silk, Prototype, 2012.
I had this idea while walking in my neighborhood, in Neukölln, one of the Turkish area of Berlin. Old grand-ma's, women, teenage girls wearing hijabs. Some of them colorful, some geometric, some (I guess) more "conservative". I started to ask myself "Who design this ?" "What are the rules ?" "Is there a trend ? Like any fashion niche ?" I was intrigued and I decided to dig into this, even maybe ... design one !
I talked to a close friend from marocco who told me the do's and don't about it. 
No human figure, nothing from the Coran, nothing written in arab … She suggested me to startwith something abstract, maybe in pastels colors to not attract too much attention, as hijab must be humble. She told me then that she offered a scarf to her mother with an abstract painting of Picasso on it, and … it was "OK".

I came to her few weeks later with the idea of the "Ice Cream" Hijab. It was definitely too colorful, 
but I also though that there was a good balance between abstract and figurative. We can see it or not. Wouldn't it  be funny for the girl who would wear it to walk in the city with an ice cream on the head and being notice only by the few who understand this sense of humor or style ?

My friend (Titou) answered me in a really beautiful way : 
"Adolescence is not an age for choice, but for choices. The multiplicity of flavors on the hijab, as metaphor for choices, at the end says that muslim girls are like any other girls."
I took it as a "Go"