We started by separating Greatbatch, the parent company, from its subsidiary, Greatbatch Medical. We then tapped into the most powerful emotional need of Greatbatch Medical’s customers: reliable support in the development of innovative medical devices. With this philosophy, we created a comprehensive brand positioning and identity system to differentiate Greatbatch Medical from its competition. From this platform, a logo and the support line, “A Critical Part of the Big Picture” were established. In developing imagery, we concentrated on the most important aspect behind Greatbatch Medical’s support: the people. Actual employees including engineers, scientists and product designers are featured illustrating the focus and dedication Greatbatch Medical has in supporting its customers. By engaging employees, we created brand ambassadors that live and share the brand across the globe.

Global web site
Global web site
High-level brand ads.
Ads placed in Buffalo, NY airport. Builds ties to community as well as extends to the rest of the world.
Design system detail
Logo animation