Spot Illustrations
Ideation and creation of various illustrative concepts for clients and personal projects.
The use of simple color fills, bold line and limited color makes these illustrations iconic in personality–some are playful, some technical, and some conceptual while others are based on current events. Below are some examples illustrated for clients, personal use.
Creative Direction / Illustration
Flight of the Crane
Spicy Ramen
Earth Day 2016
Illustrators for Peace
Russian Hare with Fabergé Egg
Female Potter
California Republic
Gentle Push Forward
Good To The Bone
Uvula Strobe

See With Your Heart
Life Chart
3 Word Monogram
Fat Number 2
Fox Wins This Round
Block Head
Lego Number 37
BigBoy's Sister – A BigBoy Parody
Head, Heart, Guts
Word Fraction
Owl Wise
Fresh Clean Design
Circa 1974
Pentax K 1000
Pie Chart
The Anatomy Of Twitter
Copy Write
Big Industry View

Simple Sapphire
Gossip Magazine

Deconstructed Ice Cream Cone