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    Gold Medal _ Bienal Miami+Beach 2007 International Architecture Award 2008 IDA - International Design Award 2008 III Prémio Enor (ex-aequo)
Single-Family Vacation House
 The project of this house foresees both to reconstructand augment a ruin into a weekend retreat at a plot with extraordinarymorphological characteristics, within Cavado Riverand its tributary. The plot, of 4.060m2, is located in a protected natural areaand has for conditions a concrete construction and the preservation of alltrees. The constructive capacity was given by the existing ruin.
Since thefirst visit of the site it was clear we were dealing with a delicate project.The project placement on the plot was essential given that the surroundingswere the main reference for the construction.
  Having practiced water-ski for 20 years, the rivergrounds the weekend house for the clients. For them, the exceptional outlookone enjoys should be an element of the house; for us, architects, should be anevident inside space value, but also, the opposite concern was relevant - thehouse could only act as a significant element on the landscape.
  Having identified the site, a pragmatic analyse of thecircumstances was in order: the demands of the program were a house for acouple and child, a visitor’s suit preferably dislocated from the house as alsoshould be the storehouse for the water-ski activities holding a shower,bathroom and storage area.
  The area ofthe house, inevitably small, was specified by the reduced dimension of thepre-existent ruin. Thus, the first sketches of the solution appear in itsdependence… Meanwhile, the fundamental decision revealed itself through thehouse orientation. Its final location on site, at right angles to the slop,seeks for a better relation with the plot and the platform where it “lays”,avoiding all trees and damage to the outside area. The weightless interventionenhanced by the overhanging part that shoots off the riverbank cliff maximizesthe transparent appearance from the river reducing land occupancy.
 The house makes a dialectic reference to MalaparteHouse by Adalberto Libera and the remarkable table Less by Jean Nouvel, suggesting the constructive solution for thetop of the hanging part.
  As a half-buried house in its relation to the mainaccess it appears diminished; on the other hand, from the river it appears as aglass frame dissimulated on the vegetation. The relation established by thehouse and ruin defines both the access and the scale of the intervention,transforming the ruin into a constant presence from the inside of the housesuch as any other landscape element.
  The concrete plasticity in relation with the luxuriantflora was determinant, therefore the careful concrete cast drawing. Thisconcrete volume with accessible roof was entirely covered with birch on theinside and has grey self-levelled pavement.