Abstract Anatomy

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  • Abstract Anatomy
  • Human Eye Protection

    Using sea anemones as a precedent and 3D printing as my method. I have designed a conceptual version of human eye protection. One will have the ability to open and close their tentacles through the nervous system.They are used to prevent dust or any other interferences. 3D printed materials are resin and rubber. all materials were dyed in tea.
  • Wrist Joint Abstraction

    I have recreating the wrist joint in a abstract form by using 3D printing and wire. All the movements and movement restrictions are the same as a real human wrist. This was found through experimentation with the 3D printed resin material, measuring the flexibility e.t.c.
    The colours were created by dying parts of the resin and are to show the user that it is not only a sculptural piece but also to be played with.