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    Banknotes and coins, illustrating Frankiln's phrase - "time is money".

Famous American, Benjamin Frnaklin has said: “Time is money”.Well, ladies and gentlemen, allow me to present money which is using time as a currency nominal. Coins do worth: “one moment”, “one minute”,   “one hour” and “one day”. Banknotes do posses’ value of “one day”, “one week”, “one month” and “one year”.At first, it is an art-project, but moving towards the finish, I’ve discovered a few ways of using those banknotes and coins for more practical purposes. Using them as souvenirs or collectible items are the most obvious ways, but not the only ones. All coins will be made of silver, using methods of modern minting; banknotes will be printed with serial numbers, using modern protection technologies, just like money issued by the national bank. Anyways, business is done. Franklin said it and I’ve done it.