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    Akiralona | Why Not Exhibition
Akiralona | Why Not Exhibition
Capstone Project [WHY NOT-Akiralona] | Senior Gallery Exhibition
TAKE | typographic installation 
Akiralona created challenge cards, asking people to question their WHY NOT's. The cards had a range of questions on them like, why not swing, why not roll down a hill, why not play with your food, and why not play dress up. These cards were suppose to make people think about why they stopped doing these things and what's preventing them from doing them. We are challenging people to put aside their responsibilities and have fun. These challenge cards were put all over SUNY Fredonia Campus and the town. We created a website and email in hopes that people would actively participate and send us documentations of what they did. 
Challaenge cards, bracelets and bracelets with instructions were all on the take wall for people to remove. 
Childhood posters | Rejection letter | Process Poster | WHY NOT Campaign Posters

The sent a letter to some neighbors requesting to do an installation on their property. There was no reply. 
We also made bracelets. We also created instructions on how to make them and gave away string.
Challenge cards with Akiralona logo on it, which were distributed on campus, including the bathroom.