TAKING it to
  with Ben Nordberg
SPASHION caught up with Bath born Skateboarder, Ben Nordberg, in LA last month for a fashion shoot. Ben talks to SPASHION about the highlights of being a skateboarderWhat made you get into skateboarding?
A good friend at the time had a board, so I had a go…then was hooked

What was your big career break?
Getting on Flip Skateboards

How do you stay motivated?
By skateboarding…

What was the lowest point in youor career? And how did you come back from it?
Breaking my shin bone. It took about 6 months to recover from it and took a lot of physical therapy.

What’s been a highlight of your career?
Getting on Flip!

What do you love about skateboarding?
The freedom

How does it feel when your competing?

What’s a moment you’ll never forget?
Getting a phone call from Flip

Where’s your favourite place to skate?
Arto’s [Saari] pool

Do you have any heroes?
John Cardiel and Arto Saari

What tips do you have for anyone who wants to become a professional skateboarder?
Don’t put to much pressure on yourself!

What is your style when your not skating?
Doesn’t change… Same as when I skate

What’s on your playlist?
Lana Del Rey and Metallica

How do you relax?

Where’s home for you now?
Still England but soon to be Los Angeles

What could you not live without?
Family and friends

Finish these sentences:
Sport is…