The River Logo

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  • I was given the opportunity to design some alternative logos for the ABC television show "The River."
    Although in the end the logo went unused outside of internal documents I am still happy with the design.

    The River is an hour long Sci-Fi/Horror show on ABC about a crew of a research vessel on a quest to find a missing TV explorer in the Amazon. Slowly the team gets absorbed into the jungle and things take many turns for the worse.

    I thought the logo should be something that represents both the environment and the destruction.

    I started with a satellite image of the Amazon (though I made some changes) and worked that into the text to form an image that both directly shows the amazon but also shows how it is eating away anything that enters it.
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  • Exploration on combining the letter V with the Amazon River.
  • Mock ups of some initial ideas and brain storming.
  • To get a better idea of what the logo might look like in context, I mocked up some different versions on screens and print documents.