A sports apparel line for women

Description: A package design for Flare, a women’s workout apparel and item company designed to make starting an at-home work plan for first timers easy and inviting.
Objective: To create and execute a self created project of choice. The chosen project was to create an identity and package design.
Solution: The package system includes four different categories of apparel and accompanying items: high, medium, and low impact and general. They are all color coordinated so each clothing item is easily matched with the corresponding impact of the activity its used for. For example, the low impact items have blue tags and all items that are low impact work outs are also packaged in blue. The type used is a simple clean sans serif and that strong and to the point and paired with vibrant colors and inviting photography, create an eye catching brand.

Typeface: Bebas Neue
Software: Adobe Photoshop and Illustrator
Dimensions: Tags: 3” by 3”
                    Yoga wrap: 9” by 12”
                    Weight wrap: 3 ½ “ by 8”
                    Water bottle wrap: 9” by 4”