User Flow
Portgall is an e-commerce platform for tourism experiences. As such, it needed to have a user-friendly interaction not only in the browsing of such experiences but also in the final checkout, allowing you to hand pick the dates, and take advantage of promotional campaigns. To achieve this we had to create an entire flow skeleton of the entire website, ensuring the user would never get lost, creating a pleasant and satisfying experience.
At the wireframing phase of the design process, our ideas are young and unpolished. Wireframes serve to establish relationships between elements, allowing you to decide on the site’s navigation, on the imagery and on all its calls to action. Wireframing worked as a tool, a means to an end, that allowed us to improve the user flow and to make uncompromising design decisions.
An icon is a graphic representation of an element that needs to work in an harmonious family. We created a unique family of icons that group together the more standard ones like “calendar” or “delete”, and all the tourism related icons that needed to be designed specifically for Portgall.
Portgall’s website is an e-commerce platform that allows the user to buy personalised experiences. They partner with local tourism providers to guarantee the best experiences on the market and it was our job to make these experiences simple to find, simple to buy. Easy right? The experience needs to be flawless, as the user has to be convinced that Portgall is the right place to meet his tourism needs.
As Portgall focuses on international tourists, some of them will hopefully be returning, and this only happens when the both the browsing and the buying experience are smooth and hassle free. The browsing experience is enhanced with the use of filters, an interactive calendar, and with the use of glorifying images that in a glimpse can visually represent what you are searching for.
Search Results and Calendar
The most important aspect when displaying the search results is how to visually represent the results in a way that the user always knows what experiences are available in a certain date. Whichever ones you choose, they are then placed in the Calendar that works as a checkout cart, with all your experiences ready to being booked.
Hand-picked experiences for unique travellers. With this kind of approach to their product, the experiences section of the website had to lay out all the available options giving you an immediate possibility to filter you search to better suit your needs. Narrow your search by genre or by popularity.
When you are done, and think you have the plans for a perfect weekend you can checkout in a more traditional manner. With their selection complete, the user can quickly pay using PayPal, or reserve his place and pay on delivery.
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Designed by Significa in the heart of Porto.
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