Great Meadow Poster Series
A savvy client who shares our love of artisinal typography and vintage style
We have always loved the equestrian sports. And nearby is one of the USA's largest equestrian centers, Great Meadow, in the Plains, VA. When our friend  Robbie Banner, the President asked for help in improving their brand and marketing efforts, we suggest deriving his new look from the rich history of the region. He was so pleased that we got one of the best client testimonials we've ever received.

"Creativitypours off Tim like water. The added benefit is he is expert in thetechnical aspects of every medium and stays current with the trends whetherit's web design, electronic promotion, or sound recording. He surroundshimself with like minded people causing the operation to work with great speedand success. If he doesn't know the answer, Tim researches the questionfully and reports back with full findings, but generally, he knows the answer.Trust him.

Robert L. Banner, Jr.
President, Great Meadow Foundation