Ancient Civilization
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    Illustration about traces of civilizations from outer space. I tried to create a lot of semantic layers and references.

I'm inspired by the idea that the universe is full of life and that human is not its only inhabitant. Although the life of mankind is fleeting and takes such a small period of time in the scale of the Universe, it is quite possible that someday we will nevertheless be able to get in touch with another civilization. Once mankind  sent a golden plate into the space, filled with clues to how to find us. Along with this plate we sent audio and video messages, music.We dream to be heard in this vast universe. but are we ready to imagine what other civilizations are like and to envision messages on their "Voyagers"? My project is a fantasy about the messages from the outer space which have been created by other civilizations. I hope you will appreciate the multilayeredness of this illustration. Also you can subscribe to my Facebook and Behance pages so you won't miss new works from this series.

Partially this project was involved for the competitive work at the Circle of Light Moscow international festival