Elisa Maza from Gargoyles.
This one was featured in DRAWTOBER for AUTODESK SKETCHBOOK's submissions on Deviant Art.
A character of mine named Crypta I have developed. ©2013
Powerpuff Girls
Fan art I made for AMC's The Walking Dead.
This illustration entitled, 'Wanted' is one of my creations about an ex-assisin named Aeliana to the King who was framed and exiled.  She now wanders the lands trying to figure out how to clear her name while trying to survive attacks from other assassins and boutny hunters that seek to take her back to hang and collect their reward.  
Pin-Up Art - There is a speed painting process of the whole illustration on my YouTube and Vimeo accounts as well.  Go check it out!  Add, Share and Subscribe!
Akuma, animated version.
Submission for Deviant Art Contest of NYC's Dr. Pepper mural.