MACC Fund Advertising Campaign
This was a group project in an advertising class. We created a campaign for the MACC Fund (Midwest Athletes Against Cancer). The campaign included print ads, outdoor ads, website design, a radio ad script and a news release. Everything needed to come together as one cohesive campaign. We went with the direction, "we're going out of business." We needed the MACC Fund to stand out among other organizations to donate to for childhood cancer and related diseases. The idea is that if a 100% survival rate for childhood cancer is reached, then the MACC Fund is no longer needed, which "puts us out of business."
Full page, full color print ad for the MACC Fund. It introduces the "we're going out of business" campaign idea to viewers.
Full color, full page print ad. The idea of a closed sign is still utilized, but it becomes less harsh with the image of a little boy holding up a sign. An image of a child was used since the MACC Fund raises money for childhood cancer research.
Full page, full color print ad. Childhood cancer affects an entire family, so this ad maintains the feel of the other ads, but includes an image of a family holding a "we're going out of business" sign instead.
Outdoor billboard design.
Outdoor taxi topper ad design.
 Website homepage design.
Website about page design.