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    New York attorney, Anthony Ianniello, Italy,
A New York attorney, Anthony Ianniello enjoys performing arts and live musical events. Additionally, Anthony Ianniello likes to travel to Italy and experience its local cuisine.

When in Italy, a person should consider the following traditional dishes in place of common American-influenced foods.

1. Instead of garlic bread, order bruschetta al pomodoro while in Italy. Rubbed with garlic, the bread is toasted and topped with a bevy of fresh tomatoes.

2. Instead of fettuccine alfredo, opt for cacio e pepe. A no fuss pasta dish, cacio e pepe features a simple mix of peppers, pecorino romano cheese, and olive oil.

3. Southern Italy offers melanzane alla parmigiana, a good alternative to chicken or veal parmesan. While the dish is much like the American version, it is prepared with eggplant.

4. While American-based Italian restaurants usually offer cheesecake to end a meal, authentic dining establishments of Italy stick with ricotta-based desserts. Travelers should order cannolis, cassata siciliana, or sfogliatelle to satisfy their sweet tooth.