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Lego - Bionicle JtO: Promo poster 2


Client: LEGO
Project: BIONICLE: Journey to One promotional poster 2
Creative team: VOLTA
For: NETFLIX original 2016 animated series

3D modeling: FrimaFX
Look developement: Mathieu Grenier
Surfacing, lighting, poses, rendering, compositing: Mathieu Grenier

Art direction: Gui Guimarães
Mockup: Mélanie Bourgeois
Effects and final paintover: Simon Weaner
Project manager: Dany Robitaille


Autodesk 3dsmax, Maya
Adobe Photoshop, After Effects
Rendered with Chaosgroup Vray 3.2

Some close-ups
Style references from concept art and the actual series
The strong light source seen in the image was guiding the whole lighting process towards a coherent goal, but the composition made it really tough to get all the important features to render as desired. The image ended up being divided in three depth layers with their own lighting setup and story to tell. Each has between 7 and 15 different lights, including or excluding specific elements.
Final poster with text and logos
Lego - Bionicle JtO: Promo poster 2

Lego - Bionicle JtO: Promo poster 2

Work done at VOLTA for the LEGO Bionicle brand. The goal of this project was to create a poster for the Netflix animated series evoking the myste Read More