Create a campaign for Red Stag, Jim Beam's cherry infused bourbon.
Adshel/Print Ad
Adshel/Print ad
Adshel/Print ad
Advergame: Move the right and left arrows on the computer to move the empty glass and collect cocktail ingredients
The QR code on the posters will take you to an app where you can browse for the different Red Stag cocktails. You can also create your own unique cocktail in which you can customize the cocktail glass, antlers, name and the cocktail itself. You can then post your unique cocktail to friends on Facebook or onto the Red Stag page in order to enter the competition of best cocktail.
People with the highest score from the advergame and those who entered the competition will be invited to the Grow A Pair Flair event where the winning cocktail will be featured in a special flair bartending show.
At the Grow A Pair Flair event, various promotional items will be given away.