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    At Platige Image we've prepared immersive setup of Datura gaming experience to show what future gaming would look like.
An Interactive Experience:
The Future of Gaming
"Datura" is a novel idea in the game world. Experimental narrative and original way of interaction open new possibilities and deliver unique emotions. Length of the game is comparable to that of a feature film, therefore making it attractive for a wide audience. However, instead of just passively watching a story, you get a chance to participate in it. It seems to be a natural consequence of cutting-edge technology development in the gaming industry. "Datura" seems to follow the trend.

Just a couple of weeks before GDC 2012 Plastic Group were asked by Sony to try to write a simple head tracking functionality with the use of Playstation Move motion controller so everyone could get a glimpse of what future gaming would look like. 

At Platige Image we've decided to prepare even more immersive setup.

Producer: Marcin Kobylecki
Production Manager: Marta Staniszewska
Poster Art: Michał Misiński - Juice

Promotional video:
Producer: Marek Jankowski
Video shoot: badpixel
Game concepts
by Damian Bajowski
XMB concept
"'Datura" has been created by Plastic Group, which originated from the demoscene community. Plastic has been specializing in real-time virtualization technologies since 1997. Plastic has been co-operating with Sony Computer Entertainment since 2006, developing and testing innovative technological solutions of the corporation. One of them was 2008's "Linger in Shadow", which was warmly welcomed by the critics and gamers. "Datura" is another important step in development of the new kind of virtual entertainment called "Interactive Digital Art".