Polaroid Relaunch
Be an Artist!
Polaroid has a long history and its greatest times during the 80s and 90s but sadly couldn‘t compete with the new digital cameras. Some people still use the 'oldfashioned' Polaroids and most of them are artists. I decided to use this gap for the relaunch campaign. It consists of a popular painting and a Polaroid picture of a funny face. Besides the posters, the campain contains a stop-motion movie clip, in which Sandro Botticelli‘s famous painting ‚Venus‘ gets covered by Polaroid photographs. In the beginning of the clip you can see the painting hanging on a (museum) wall in a beautiful old frame. Suddenly the painting gets covered in Polaroids which show Venus and the environment in real Polaroids. The last Polaroid is the funny face from the poster campaign. The clip ends with a Polaroid camera taking a picture and the claim: ‚Polaroid, be an artist‘. The unperfect look of the photographs and the camera‘s sound in the end should give the viewer a nostalgic feeling. The instruction ‚Be
an artist‘ in handwriting should encourage the viewers to use Polaroid to do some artwork by themselves.