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東京システム/ Tokyo-System

東京電力 浮島太陽光発電所
TEPCO Ukishima solar powerstation
東京ガス 袖ヶ浦工場
TOKYO-GAS Sodegaura plant
Ogouchi Dam
JX日鉱日石エネルギー 根岸製油所
JX Negishi oil plant
東京電力 新富士変電所
TEPCO Shinfuji substation
東京ガス 千住整圧所
TOKYO-GAS Senju gasholder
Ozaku diversion weir
Nihonbashi joint ditch
Keihin truck terminal
スカパーJSAT 横浜衛星管制センター
JSAT Yokohama satellite Control Center
Oumi container wharf
東急電鉄 長津田検車区
Tokyu Railway Nagatsuda garage
Sumida garbage plant
東京都下水道局 芝浦水再生センター
Shibaura water recycle center
首都高速道路 西東京管理局
Metropolitan EXPWY Nishi-Tokyo control center
Firestation in tokyo
航空自衛隊 入間基地
JASDF Iruma base
Iwabuchi floodgate
 蛇口をひねれば出るきれいな水や、秒単位で運行される電車など、私たちが享受している「あって当たり前」の環境は、人知れず働く様々な施設や、それらを管理する多くの人たちにより成り立っている。こうした「縁の下の力持ち」ともいえる存在 ―日本中から集まったリソースを毛細血管のごとく隅々まで機能させる高度なシステム― を私たちが意識することはあまりない。

The largest cities in the world huge infrastructure network to support the "Tokyo"
Clean water exiting if twist the faucet, such as a train, which is operated in seconds, our environment of "natural there," which has enjoyed a variety of facilities and to work secretly, by a number of people to manage them It is made up. These "unsung hero" and also say there - Advanced system that gathered resources from all over Japan to work to every nook and corner as capillary - us is that there is not much to be aware of. March 11, 2011, the Great East Japan Earthquake. Even we who live in far away Tokyo, public transportation of confusion and rolling blackouts, were faced with, such as the logistics of stagnation. I myself, was to accidentally realize the magnitude of their presence that blend into the part of the life usually. So, in order to reconsider the appearance of these "systems", was tried and 100 ° than the angle of view of which corresponds to the human field of view, the verification by the high-resolution images that can be observed up to every nook and corner.
東京システム/ Tokyo-System


東京システム/ Tokyo-System

Huge infrastructure network to support the largest city in the world "Tokyo"