livro À conta dos objetos [book On Account of Objects]
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    livro À conta dos objetos [book On Account of Objects]
"À conta dos objetos" livro infantojuvenil
[On Account of Objects]
Animar o que já é repleto de vida no correr dos dias, a vivificação dos objectos-personagens é uma forma de ilustrar a nossa relação com eles.
"On Account of Objects", "where objects come to life itself"... 
The first illustrations were created in 2009 specially to some tales written by Marlene Silva and in 2012 was finally the time to give life to this book (as we did with "his" objects - characters).

Faz o teu próprio Chico [Make your own "Chico"]
The first images and products created from some of the characters ("Chico" is a pointer clock; the seconds, of course!).

Release: may 26 (2012) in FACE (Forum for Art and Culture of Espinho) at 15:30.
Workshop "Building a book", directed by Marlene Silva and Raquel Balsa, author and illustrator of the book "On account of the objects."
An experience full of discovery in which we gave life to characters and expressions.