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By Almani
ALMANI Sculptor Installer
Son of Spanish political refugees, Almani was born in France in 1965. Jewelry maker and designer, everything really started for him on a cold winter night in the 80′s, in the company of his fellow classmates from Lumiere Lyon II University where they studied art history, he decided to spend his free time in the filled with smoke atmosphere of some basement’s disreputable bar. In this dive bar,under the incredulous looks of his accomplices amateurs of psycho-tonic beverages, he realized an astounding small creature with the red wax shell of a mini Babybel cheese. All the positive nods and taps on the back coming from those experts in good taste will persuade Almani to become a sculptor. Later on, with the restrained techniques of the red wax packaging not allowing him to express the complexity of the sleepless images caused by his friends older sisters,he decided to use clay, bronze and stone. Passionate about art,but especially African Art, he travels the world with only one priority, visualize and try to comprehend.