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    - collage is going 3D -
music/  Prez besid - Tamara Obrovac quartet
Ode  To  My  Liberated  Heart
- A wolf is a sheep is a wolf is a sheep or a wolf? -
... It is the story of a sheep disguised as a wolf... 
Or the one where wolf swallows the sheep and she is still crying over her unfortunate fate... Or...
O i don't remember any more!
* * * * * * * *
"After a long time, the inhabitants of Saturn saw something almost imperceptable in the Baltic Sea: it was a whale. Very adroitly he picked it up with his little finger and, placing it on his thumbnail, showed it to the Sirian, who started laughing at the extreme smallness of the inhabitants of our globe. The Saturnian, satisfied that our world was inhabited after all, assumed immediately that all inhabitants were whales."       (Voltaire)                                                                                                                
Once a man found two wolf pups on the beach, he took them to his home and raised them. When the pups had grown, they would swim out in to the ocean, kill a whale, and bring it to shore for the man to eat. Each day they did this, soon there was too much meat to eat and it began to spoil. When the Great Above Person saw this waste he made a fog and the wolves could not find whales to kill nor find they way back to shore. They had to remain at sea, those wolves became seawolves (Orca).
(Native americans legends)