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Legends of The Amazon Rainforest / Lendas da Floresta Amazonica
These are a set of 11 illustrations that won a mobile app art contest for children's stories in 2015 in the Ecology & Nature category. Legends of the Amazon Rainforest - The Curupira is a story I wrote and illustrated, here presented unretouched and unedited that tells of a famous folkloric character of the jungles in Brazil that is well known by indigenous tribes, but in a more modern context.

The Curupira is a Brazilian Nature Spirit that cares for the forests and its animals. It has its feet turned backwards and frightens those who would despoil and exploit the environment for profit, while protecting small communities that survive off the land. His eerie howl is sometimes heard in the night and his confusing footprints scares unwary hunters. However, in modern times, his efforts may be unequal to mechanized deforestation brought about by major companies. -Enjoy!

{ Esta é uma série de 11 ilustrações que venceu um concurso de apps de histórias narradas infantis para Tablets, Smartphones e Computadores na categoria Ecologia e Meio Ambiente em 2015.  Criação de texto e arte bilingues. }
Contacts for developing original Children's Book Illustrations for Environmental Education with Deep Ecology concepts whether for mobile apps or print are welcome: contato@idstudio.art.br in English or Brazilian Portuguese.
{ Contatos para desenvolver este tipo de trabalho para livros impressos ou para mobile apps são bem-vindos }
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