EGO (Graphic Novel)
Senior Book Project 2012
This fantasy is told through a conflicted character that explores the world of his own ego and must battle through different events to regain his soul. The work portrays my beautiful struggle in finding love, succeeding in the arts, and all things in-between to inspire readers to become fearless in following their own passions without succumbing to the same personal sins that I have battled through. Also, I draw inspiration from great works such as Dante Alighieri’s The Divine Comedy, The Seven Deadly Sins from the book of Proverbs in The Bible, and Bruce Lee’s Game of Death.

With this 154 page book, I explored a different medium of storytelling by combining experimental typography with graphic novel-like illustrations. Hence, I dub this book’s genre as a typographic novel. Each chapter contains short verses that are drawn with customized letterforms that are often fused with the illustrations to create a compelling piece that evokes raw emotion.

Images below are sample spreads from the 154 page book. 

EGO (Graphic Novel)